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Easily find and track the best quests and points programs across the web. Manage them in one click, and one place.


Start earning faster. Curated campaigns help you save time searching on social media and quest platforms.


Bookmark your favorite campaigns across multiple platforms. All saved and organized in your personal dashboard.


Streamlining discovery and management helps you focus on completing campaigns and earning crypto.

Connect with our communitySubmit new campaigns and guides with your referral link. Level up your grind today.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Your wallet is your 0xCrawler account. By connecting it, you can access the app to track and manage points programs and quests in your personal dashboard. Use your wallet to access your dashboard anytime

Yes! Your wallet can be new and empty. 0xCrawler does not gain access to your assets.

Each whitelisted user receives two unique referral codes. You can get your referral code from other users and through 0xCrawler giveaways. Join us on Discord to get the code.

0xCrawler is completely free to use.

The content is regularly updated, and we aim to post new campaigns as they are created. Check our social media: we post updates on campaigns and 0xCrawler’s new features.

We aim to provide you with high-quality campaigns; this is why we thoroughly select projects that are featured on 0xCrawler. However, the crypto space may not always be safe, so we encourage you to DYOR before participating in any activities.

We regularly update the content on the platform so our users can explore the latest points programs and quests. You can also check our social media where we post updates about campaigns.

We aim to provide you with high-quality campaigns, so we thoroughly select projects featured on 0xCrawler. However the crypto space is unpredictable so we urge you to remain cautious. We encourage you to DYOR before participating in any activities

Join our Discord community. Next, head to the #suggest-campaign channel. Here you can provide campaign information, and don’t forget to include your referral link. We’ll make sure to feature your link on the campaign page.